Current Source Power Unit 4119B

Model 4119B is a power unit / amplifier that contains a triple voltage DC power supply, a constant current source and a standard amplifier with low pass filter.

The Dytran 4119B is a current source power unit.

Firstly, the constant current diode operating from +20 VDC supplies power to operate the IC amplifier in the 3120B. A 10 uF capacitor couples the accelerometer signal to the input of a two stage amplifier. The first stage is a precision attenuator. This sets the system sensitivity to precisely 10.00 mV/g.

The second stage corrects the frequency response of the system to provide a flat response over the entire frequency range. Therefore, this meter is an ideal trouble shooting tool for open or shorted cables. The model 4119B is supplied as part of the model 3120BK back-to-back accelerometer calibration system.

Features include:

  • Part of model 3120BK
  • Triple voltage DC power supply
  • Provides a constant current source
  • Uses a standard amplifier with low pass filter


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Current Source Power Unit 4119B

4119BFor use with Back to back calibration systems


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