Current Source Power Unit 4139

The 4139 is a current source power unit / signal conditioner designed specifically for airborne flight testing. It operates from +28 VC aircraft power. It measures 15.88 x 10.1 x 2.61 cm and weighs 331 grams.

The Dytran 4139 is a current source power unit.

Firstly, it is a six channel signal conditioner designed to power up to six IEPE constant current type accelerometers. This is whilst adding filtering, output biasing and output limiting to present signal overdriving.

Secondly, the input power, output signals and power to the accelerometers are interfaced by on D-sub-miniature multi pin connector. Connected by six 10-32 jacks. A nominal +2.50 VDC off set is provided at output. This allows for direct connection of the output signals to the telemetry modulators. The telemetry modulators receive input signals over the range of 0 to +5V. Output signal positive swing is limited to +5.6V to avoid the possibility of overdriving the signal from one channel to the range of an adjacent channel. There are four mounting holes at the corners to accept #10 mount screws for easy installation into the airframe.

Features include:

  • For Flight Testing 6 Channel signal conditioner
  • Power up 6 IEPE type accelerometers
  • Prevents signal overdrive


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Current Source Power Unit 4139

4139Line powered, 6 channel, powered from +28 VDC power, airborne. 10–32 jack input connectors, DA–15P output connector,–51 to +49°C Operation


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