DC Current Input Limit Alarm 260A

The 260A accepts a 4 to 20mA input signal and provides a dry contact relay output it the input exceeds a user defined set point limit. Power is received form the input loop.

Acromag’s 260A is a DC Current Input Limit Alarm Module.

Firstly, it accepts a 4 to 20mA DC Input to provide a single mechanical relay output. The 4.5V DC is from input loop power and the Hi/Lo fail safe option trips alarm above or below the set-point.

Secondly, alarm relays are ideal for local fail-safe alarming with existing process transmitters. They are easily installed on a process loop because they do not require an additional power supply and feature a very low voltage burden. A long list of features allows the 260A to adapt to most applications.

Features of the DC Current Input Limit Alarm 260A include:

  • Excellent accuracy and stability ensure reliable measurements in harsh industrial environments
  • RFI and EMI resistance minimize the effects of environmental noise
  • Loop-power design and low 4.5V DC voltage drop enable easy installation
  • As well as hi/lo fail-safe option trips alarms above or below set-point
  • Automatic or manual reset option permits latching alarms
  • Adjustable set-point (4 to 24mA) handles more applications
  • LED gives visual indication of alarm status
  • Six dead band levels (DIP switch select) offer further flexibility 50mS response time delivers fast alarm notification
  • Also a compact, 2.54 cm wide housing uses less space for easier installation
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to 75°C
  • DIN rail G or T mount
  • No certification/approval required


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