DSI Adapters

DSI adapters are TEDS IEEE 1451.4 equipped sensor adapters.  They turn any of Dewesoft’s DSUB9 universal analog input amplifiers into direct IEPE, charge, thermocouple, shunt, voltage, LVDT, or RTD input.  DSI adapters (Dewesoft Smart Sensor Interface) are also compatible with all Dewesoft host signal amplifiers with DSUB9 connectors.

DSI adapters are sensor adapters with TEDS IEEE 1451.4. They turn any Dewesoft DAQ system with a DSUB9 connector analog input amplifier into a universal analog input. Once converted it can accept strain gage IEPE/ICP, thermocouple, LVDT, RTD and current to voltage signals with up to ±200V. Also, the DSI (Dewesoft Smart Interface) and a TEDS sensor chip (IEEE 1451.4) automatically recognise and configure all DSI adapters into the DAQ Dewesoft software.

Piezoelectric Sensors Adapters

The DSI-ACC class of DSI adapters are built for IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric) sensors. This includes accelerometers and microphones. There are three types of DSI-ACC adapters available. For example, these include:

  • DSI-ACC – excitation current 4 mA, 21 V, and high pass filter 0.8 Hz.
  • DSI-ACC-0.16Hz – excitation current 4 mA, 21 V and high pass filter 0,16 Hz.
  • DSI-ACC-20mA – excitation current 20 mA, 21 V and high pass filter 0.8 Hz.
  • DSI-ACC-0.16Hz-20mA – combines features of the DSI-ACC-0.16Hz and DSI-ACC-0.16Hz-20mA with an increased time constant (𝜏 = 1 s, high-pass filter 0.16 Hz) and sensor excitation (20 mA).

DSI-CHG Sensor Adapters

The DSI-CHG adapter is for charge accelerometers or microphone sensors with a BNC connector. These adapters have a range of up to 50000 pC, AC coupled with 0.07 Hz. Max and 100 kHz bandwidth.

The DSI-CHG-DC adapter also has four input ranges from 1kpC up to 500 kpC. It can also conduct DC measurements, has four different hardware options and high pass filters available when setting up channels on the Dewesoft X3 software. As a result this adapter is also perfect for charge sensor measurements.

Another great attribute about the DSI-CHG-DC adapter is its large time constant. It also has a bandwidth of DSI-CHG-DC is 20 kHz for the 500 kpC range and 200 kHz for the 50 kpC range. As a result, users can easily conduct DC charge measurements with a DC drift lower than 0.1 pC/s for the 500 kpC input range. Furthermore, DSI-CHG-DC is currently supported by all SIRIUS DAQ amplifiers with DSUB9 input connectors and KRYPTON STG amplifiers.

DSI-RTD Resistance Temperature Detector Adapters

The DSI-RTD is a universal adapter for RTD sensors. It also supports two, three, and four-wire connection methods and includes a 5-pin Binder 710 series connector

DSI-V Voltage Sensor Adapters

The DSI-V-200 voltage adapter makes any DSUB9 analog input compatible with ±200V voltage range and differential input via the BNC connector.

DSI-THx Thermocouple Sensor Adapters

The DSI-TH-x adapters are perfect for thermocouple sensor connection. This adapter also features high accuracy cold junction reference measurement. Furthermore, A 1m thermocouple cable also comes with a mini TC connector. DSI-TH-x adapters are available for these thermocouple types:

  • DSI-TH-UNI – Universal thermocouple input for connecting any type of thermocouple (K, J, T, R, S, N, E, B, C). Includes integrated cold junction compensation with CJC accuracy of 0.5 °C.
  • DSI-TH-C – Designed for type C thermocouples (W, W3, and W5).
  • DSI-TH-E – Designed for type E thermocouples. Type E thermocouple has the highest sensitivity in terms of mV/K. It is operating in a temperature range between -270 °C and 1000 °C.
  • DSI-TH-J – Designed for type J thermocouples.
  • DSI-TH-K – Designed for type K thermocouples.
  • DSI-TH-T – Designed for type T thermocouples.

The DSI-TXx adapters include a TEDS sensor chip for automatic sensor detection and setting.

DSI Current Shunts and Current Input Adapters

DSI current shunt adapters measure currents directly. Examples of different shunt adapter models include:

  • DSI-20mA – 20 mA current input adapter with 50 Ohm internal shunt, 0.01% accuracy when calibrated for sensors with 4 to 20 mA output.
  • DSIw-20mA – Waterproof version of the DSI-20mA adapter. It uses a 50 Ω shunt resistor with 0.01 % accuracy and 0.2 ppm/K temperature drift (0.05 ppm/K in the temperature range 0 °C to 60 °C). It senses a current from industrial sensors with 4-20 mA output in harsh environments. A double DSUB9 adapter hood with IP67 protection is also included.
  • DSI-5A – The new 5A current input adapter. Contains a 10 mΩ shunt resistor with 0.1% accuracy when calibrated. The new DSI-5A adapter has significant improvement is in temperature stability. The new shunt resistor has two times better temperature coefficient (now 15 ppm/K over the range -55 °C to +125 °C, before 30 ppm/K over the range -20 °C to +60 °C).
  • DSIi-10A – isolated current transducer with 10 A FS and < 0.5% accuracy with banana connector inputs.
  • DSIi-20A – isolated current transducer with 20 A FS and < 0.5% accuracy with banana connector inputs.

DSI-LVDT Adapters For Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) Sensors

DSI-LVDT adapters connect LVDT sensors. They also generate 4 to 10 kHz excitation for LVDT sensors and include phase adjustment with a potentiometer. Finally, output stands at 1 V = 1000 mV / V.

DS-16xLVDTr Adapter Box for LVDT Sensors

The DS-16xLVDTr adapter uses a unique ratio metric architecture to eliminate several of the disadvantages associated with traditional approaches to LVDT interfacing. The DS-16xLVDTr also combines 16 channels of DSI-LVDT adapters in a 19”-rack compatible housing with 1U height.

In addition to the qualities listed above, this adapter also provides an asynchronous excitation signal from an external function generator to a BNC front connector (IN connector). Furthermore, when using multiple DS-LVDTr devices the EXC signal can be daisy-chained from the BNC OUT connector to the BNC IN connector on the other device.

There are also 16 DSUB-9M male connectors on the front panel. As a result, users can connect to the Dewesoft data acquisition system and each connector includes a trimmer for phase adjustment. Finally, the back panel contains 16 DSUB-9F (female) connectors for an LVDT sensor connection. DS-16xLVDTr supports measurements with full-bridge and half-bridge LVDT sensor types.

Key Features of DSI Adapters:

  • Extend Analog Inputs: DSI adapters are compatible with any Dewesoft host signal amplifier with DSUB9 analog input, independent of the product family. They will fit the SIRIUS DAQ system, KRYPTON DAQ modules, MINITAURs, IOLITE , or DEWE-43 DAQ instrument.
  • Plug-and-play with Teds Sensor Support: All DSI adapters have a TEDS chip built-in for automatic sensor detection and plug-and-play setup. Just connect the sensor to the DSI adapter and DSI adapter to one of our DSUB-9 analog inputs and everything from scaling, units, calibration data, etc. will be configured automatically.
  • Compact and Rugged: All electronics are built into small and rugged DSUB-9 aluminium housing with screw connectors to firmly screw adapters to the analog input channel.
  • Dewesoft Quality: Enjoy Dewesoft’s industry-leading 7-year warranty and world-class quality assurance. Your investment into the Dewesoft modal testing and analysis solution is protected.

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