Military Grade Power Conversion & Distribution

Defence and their Prime Contractor professionals choose Metromatics for the supply of their Military Grade Power Conversion and Distribution Solutions. Through our superior suppliers, Metromatics are able to supply Military Grade UPS Systems, DC DC Converters, Rugged PSU, Static Frequency Converters, Transformer Rectifier Units and other power conversion systems that distribute power with battery support.

Metromatics provides outstanding local customer and technical support for this product range to our Australian and New Zealand Customers.

Metromatics has a fabulous supplier who specialises in the manufacture of Military Grade Power Conversion & Distribution Products.

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Gresham Power Electronics has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of Power Conversion and Distribution Equipment for Naval and Military Applications.  They have been designing and manufacturing distribution power equipment with battery support for over 50 years.  Their systems support critical on board functions when all other sources of power have been lost such as weapons, emergency communications and lighting.  That is why the UK, Australian, Malaysian and many other foreign Navies and their Primes deploy Gresham Power Systems into their current designs and upgrades.  Gresham Power Electronics products are ITAR, ruggedised to meet shock and vibrations levels and engineered to be fully compatible with ship or submarine electrical systems.

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Land Applications

Gresham Power Electronics can custom design and manufacture AC/DC or DC/DC power solutions from 20W to 20kW.  Common requirements can include for the equipment to operate from a range of AC and DC Input Voltages, depending on where it is deployed.  For example if it is installed in military vehicles it will often need to meet the operating characteristics for a 28Vin System and meet defined Military Standards. Secondly, it should meet a range of EMC Standards; as it is an interface between the equipment and power source.  Thirdly, it should be ruggedised enough to operate and survive in the harsh environmental conditions and meet necessary MIL STD’s if required.

Surge and Transient Filter for Military ApplicationsPower Supply Unit for Naval ApplicationscPCI Rugged Power Supply

Rugged Surge and Transient Filter

PSU  – Man Pack

Ruggedized cPCI Power Supply

12VDC to 24VDC DC DC Converters

500W DC DC Converters


Sea Applications

Gresham Power Electronics are specialists in Military Grade Power Conversion & Distribution, with equipment installed on Navy’s Submarine and Surface Fleet worldwide.

In the normal course of events electrical supply supports basic functions such as entertainment and domestic lighting through to Command and Control and weapons systems. A recurring theme in Gresham’s equipment is support of electrical power in emergencies (such as the loss of main ship’s power) and the need to convert that original AC supply either to a higher frequency or to DC.

Military Grade Power Distribution & Conversion Portfolio

Military grade UPS SystemStatic Frequency ConverterTransformer Rectifier Unit

Military Grade Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Static Frequency Converters

Transformer Rectifier Units

Provide Instant battery power for critical functions if main power is lost for up to 30 minutes.

Used by: 60kVA for Type 45 Destroyers, Type 26 Frigates and QE Class Aircraft Carriers

Ships supply is 60Hz but up to 400Hz is required for sophisticated electronics like radar, gyros and weapons systems. We provide this conversion with a wide range of equipment up to 40kVA.


DC power is required on board for many applications – machinery, fire doors, and emergency communications. Products convert ship’s supply to 28V to 24V/28V or 120V DC for these purposes

DC Distribution System with BatteryHelicopter Starting RectifierNaval Battery Charger and Accessories

DC Distribution Systems with Battery Support

Helicopter Starting Rectifiers

Naval Battery and Battery Charger Assemblies

Not just AC to DC that is required.  Reinforcement with the need for systems to be backed up by batteries for emergencies with the ability to distribute the power to various facilities.

Used by: Found on T45, Spanish Frigates, Australian Destroyers and new MARS Tankers

Helicopters need ground assistance to start.  This takes the form of 28V DC Power Up to 1800 amps.  For the starting and servicing of modern helicopters – Gresham provide a rectifier with 40kVA Frequency Converter with cabling and flight deck controls.

Used by: Worldwide – New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Norway and all helicopter carrying vessels in the Royal Navy.

Gresham have developed a combination of battery packages and associated chargers for submarines.  This supplies emergency power, lighting and communications in the event of loss of main power.  On surface ships there is an extensive range of battery boxes which provides a secure way of housing valve regulated lead acid batteries.

Used by: Scorpene Submarines and Spanish S-80 Class


Military Grade Power Conversion & Distribution Products

Automatic Changeover Switch (ACOS)

Battery Boxes

Chargers / DC Supplies

DC SystemsFire Door Rectifier (FDR)

Helicopter Start / Service Systems

Motor Starters (MS)

Navigation & Signal Lights ControlStatic Frequency Converter
Transformer Rectifier Unit (TRU)Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Transformers and Distribution Panels

Support Equipment

In addition to these main military grade power conversion & distribution systems, Gresham manufactures a wide range of individual support equipment including:

  • Motor Starters
  • Automatic Changeover Switches (ACOS)
  • Through bulkhead Filter Boxes
  • Navigation Light Display and Control Panels
  • Distribution Panels
  • Weapons Panels
  • Ship to Shore Supply Boxes
  • Transformers
  • Inverters


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