Dual Thermocouple/mV Input Intelligent Alarm 822A

The 822A is part of the Acromag Intellipack Series family. Intellipack alarms compare inputs against user defined limit set points to control built in relays. They are software configures and provide multi function alarms and on/off controller capability using 10-36V of DC Power.

Acromag’s 822A is a Dual Thermocouple/mV Input Intelligent Alarm.

Firstly, it has 2 channels of thermocouple types J, K, T, R ,S, E, B, N or Millivolt (±100mV DC) inputs. It produces dual mechanical relay outputs using 10-36V DC Power.

Secondly, each unit offers a selection of input ranges and alarm functions to handle a broad range of applications. As your needs change, you can easily reconfigure the unit for different ranges or functions. Alarm functions available on all models include on/off controller, limit alarm, window alarm, deviation alarm, rate-of-change alarm, and peak/valley detection.

Thirdly, setup is very easy. Configuration through Windows 7 or newer program. Front-panel push-buttons and status LEDs enable calibration. Finally, once configured, IntelliPacks operate independent of any host computer.

Features of the Dual Thermocouple/mV Input Intelligent Alarm 822A include:

  • Integrated micro-controller performs intelligent signal processing for advanced alarm functions
  • Windows 7 or newer software configuration speeds setup and replacement
  • Push-button re-programmability facilitates changes in the field without a host PC
  • Multi-purpose inputs accept numerous ranges to reduce spare stock requirements
  • Also High-resolution Sigma-Delta A/D converter delivers high accuracy with low noise
  • Input excitation supply on each input provides power for a two-wire transmitter
  • Dual alarm operation lets you perform two alarm functions at the same time


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