Ethernet Analog Input Modules 993EN

The 993EN Modules provide up to sixteen channels of analog input signals to an Ethernet control network. This high performance design provides reliable measurements and dependable operation.

Industrial grade models add a configurable intergrator/totalizer with superior accuracy and temperature performance compared to the commercial grade version.

The Acromag 993EN are Ethernet Analog Input Modules.

The 993EN-4016 is the industrial version.

Whilst, the 993EN-4C16 is the commercial model.

The difference being the industrial version operates in a wider temperature range -40 to 70°C. It is 0.5% more accurate, has more industry approvals and contains a totalizer.

Features of the Ethernet Analog Input Modules 993EN include:

  • High Resolution 16-bit A/D Card
  • 8mS scanning of all channels 3 way isolation and surge suppression
  • Configurable integration/totalization function with non volatile registers
  • Dual format 16/32 bit data registers
  • Scaling registers on all channels
  • Configurable sample averaging
  • Automatic calibration and self test
  • User adjustable TCP Ports 1-99,999 for advanced network configuration
  • Web browser configuration with copy function for quicker set up


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