Ethernet Communication for AcroPack Modules

AcroPack AP580 Series provides 1Gb Ethernet Communication plus a unique option for power over Ethernet on a PCIe format to provide power to powered devices.  The Power Over Ethernet (POE) model, AP580E-POE-LF provides 52V DC and up to 10 watts of power to powered devices (PD).  The POE Ethernet Communication avoids other traffic on a network, making it ideal for a video camera, VOIP phone or any other PD Devices.

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AP580: 1Gb Ethernet Communication with Optional Power over Ethernet
  • 1 Gb Ethernet
  • Optional Power over Ethernet
  • PCIe Bus Interface

The AcroPack® product line updates Acromag’s Popular Industry Pack I/O modules with a PCIe interface format. This tech-refresh design offers a compact size, low-cost I/O, and a rugged form factor. Combining different AcroPack module types on one XMC, VPX, or PCIe carrier allows for a simplified modular approach to system assembly.

These modules provide a single port Ethernet Communication which is capable of speeds of 10, 100 or 1000 Mbps data rates.

The AP580E-POE-LF offers an option which makes the AP580E a power sourcing equipment device (PSE) that provides 52V DC up to 10 watts of power to powered devices (PD) such as a video camera and VOIP phones or any other PD device.

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