Extended Reality Job Training Consoles

The Curation Station is a modular, portable console that is a complete XR training facility when powered.  But it also houses the components used for Extended Reality or XR Training in one location.

It was designed and built for those organisations who have implemented Extended Reality or XR Training to their employees.

The Curation Station is an Extended Reality Job Training Console that manages all the XR components in one place for businesses.  Firstly, Metromatics designed and manufactured the Curation Station in partnership with Brisbane based, extended reality software developers – Real Serious Games.

Secondly, this system is a ready for you to learn – It is a plug and play console.  This model powers up to 16 headsets and their respective controllers on 4 independent slide out shelves.  It also incorporates a secure server, power, and control equipment.  Along with a FHD 24-inch monitor for immediate on-site access.

When learning has finished for the day. Pack up is simple.  Insert the VR headsets and controllers into the foam cradles with USB connection for recharging. Fold down the lid which houses the monitor – until the Curation Station resembles a Cube on Wheels.  Wheel it to an area of the room – where it is out of the way.

Features of the Extended Reality Job Training Consoles – Curation Station

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Designed to an IP54 Standard
  • Lockable Cabinet
  • Secure Server
  • 24 Inch FHD Monitor
  • Powered Shelves for recharging headsets and controllers
  • Product Dimensions: 1371mm L x 613.2mm W x 1446 mm H
  • Weight: 135 kg not including headsets & controllers
  • 4 x Heavy Duty Caster Wheels (2 x Lockable)
  • Desktop Mini Industrial PC


For Extended Reality Software:  Contact Real Serious Games

Real Serious Games are Extended Reality Software Developers.  They develop and provide Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Training Solutions for Organisations employees in the office and out in the field.

For Housing & Charging Console with Server and PC.  Also available in other configurations: Contact Metromatics.


Check out this Demo of the Curation Station that Real Serious Games developed.


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