Flying Probe for Large PCA – Huntron Access 2 Prober

The Huntron Access Prober is used to automate the testing of printed circuits assemblies (PCA) that would otherwise have to be tested by hand. Adding a Flying Probe Tester to your analysis procedure will significantly decrease test times.

Read on below on how the Huntron Access Prober can increase your productivity


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The Huntron Access 2 Probe – Flying Probe Tester for Larger Printed Circuit Assemblies

The Access 2 Prober is a Flying Probe Tester that is firstly designed to accurately access test points on medium to large sized PCA. Due to the exceptional accuracy achieved by micro-stepping and linear encoding ensures reliable probing of the smallest surface mounted components.

Flying Probe for large PCA

Therefore, by using either the standard built-in test probe or a custom test probe, the Huntron Access Probers add flying probe tester technology to your new or existing equipment. In addition, the high-resolution colour camera ensures correct probe placement and provides a clear view of the PCA under test.

Features of the Huntron Access Prober Flying Probe for large PCA  include:

  • Single head flying probe tester interface in a benchtop sized platform
  • Sized for medium to large PCAs
  • Exceptional accuracy for precise probing of PCAs
  • Durable design for many years of service
  • Can be configured with a Huntron Tracker® inside
  • Automate tests using other mainline test instruments with optional SDK packages



Technical Specifications
Number of Test Heads 1
Maximum Board Under Test Size 56cm x 58cm
Maximum Probing Area 46.2cm x 56.9cm
Maximum Board Component Height 10cm
Dimensions 91.44cm W x 39.88cm H x 73.66cm D
Accuracy and Resolution 0.0007874″ (±20 microns) at 0.0003937″ (10 microns) minimum


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