Micro Test Leads

The Huntron MP10 & MP20 are the best Micro Probe Test Leads on the market.

Thousands of hobbyists, technicians and engineers use them for testing components on printed circuit boards with the assistance of handheld or benchtop multimeters or with Huntron Trackers.

These Micro Test Leads have many outstanding features.  Firstly, one of the most recognisable is that MP10 and MP20 general purpose test leads contain extendable electrodes.  The advantage being it allows testing in hard-to-reach places.

Secondly, the plastic probe tip acts as a compression collar.  Simply rotate the tip and push the cable to extend the electrode length to 5.7cm.  It contains a 10mm Polymer insulation all the way to the tip of the electrode.  This prevents accidental shortage when measuring on a powered circuit board.

Thirdly, the stainless-steel construction of the micro probe test leads enables flexibility when probing circuits.  Yet it keeps its shape. It has a slim design making it comfortable to use.  Plus, it contains sharp tips enabling you to test boards that have been conformally coated easier.  Simply, retract the electrode back into the collar once you are finished for safe storage.

The Huntron MP10 & MP20 Test probes are Cat 3 rated 300V at 2 amps.  Therefore, suitable for measuring higher voltages.

The difference between the two models is:

MP10 have banana jacks for easy lead stacking and using with older test instruments.

Huntron MP10 Micro Probe Test Leads with Banana Jacks






MP20 have safety shrouded jacks suitable for handheld digital multi meters and Huntron Tackers.

MP20 Micro Test Leads Huntron with safety shrouds






Be sure to watch the video below and purchase yourself a pair of these test leads from Metromatics.  Our customers have never gone back to any other brand after using the Huntron Micro Probe Test Leads.



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