Huntron Workstation Software

Huntron Workstation Software drives the Huntron Trackers and Access Prober used for testing and determining faults on printed circuit boards. It is a windows based software and enables organisation and execution of your test procedure and quickly identifies faulty components and resistors.

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Robust, flexible and easy to use, the Huntron Workstation Software powers the Huntron Trackers and Access Probers.

Firstly, the test procedures are comparison based. Therefore, stored information from working test assemblies is matched against suspect assemblies. The software presents the results in visual manner highlighting the areas or components of concern. Image based work directions are embedded into board, sequence and component level instructions.

The latest Workstation release can be downloaded from the Huntron Software Page.

Finally, the Huntron products supported include: Tracker 3200S, Tracker 2800 / 2800S.

Secondly, the Huntron Workstation Software automates other manufacturer’s benchtop digital multimeters, oscilloscope and spectrum analyser measurements. Measurements are captured, compared or stored against a defined value or viewed as a result of the test. Therefore, most measurement functions are supported within the software.

Supported Current Instruments include:

  • B&K Precision 2841 DC Resistance Meter (milliohm 4 wire measurements)
  • Agilent/Keysight 34461A DMM (general purpose benchtop digital multimeter)
  • Agilent/Keysight 34410A DMM (general purpose benchtop digital multimeter) Tektronix 4050 DMM (general purpose benchtop digital multimeter)
  • Agilent DSO1022A oscilloscope (compact 200MHz digital oscilloscope)
  • DSOX2022A Keysight oscilloscope (compact 200MHz digital oscilloscope)
  • N9935A Keysight spectrum analyzer (used with Access RF)
  • N9938A Keysight spectrum analyzer (used with Access RF)
  • Rohde&Schwarz FSH4 spectrum analyzer (can be used with Access RF)

Finally, the Huntron Workstation Software is Windows 7, 8 and 10 compatible. Also, it supports conversion of all 3.X and 4.X databases including HBK files and has a built in utility for updating firmware.

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