High Temperature Force Sensor 1050C

The 1050C is a charge mode, high temperature, 2267.96kg range ring style force sensor.

Ideal for applications in high temperature process control and press control where there isn’t room for a radial connector.

The Dytran Model 1050C is a high temperature force sensor.

Firstly, it measures compressive and tensile forces from 10 to 5000 lbf over a wide frequency range. It also offers superior sensitivity of -18 pC/lbf. Therefore, this dynamic sensor can measure up to 226.80 kgs full scale in tension mode with reliable high temperature operation up to +260°C.

Secondly, it is packaged in a rugged stainless steel enclosure with an overall weight of 32 grams. Plus it features a quartz shear sensing element and operates in compression mode. It also incorporates a 10-32 axial connector. Plus a ¼-28 tapped hole located at the top of the sensor housing to allow easy mounting

Other features include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • +260°C Operation
  • Charge Mode
  • Perfect for Modal Analysis, Process Control and General purpose dynamic force measurement


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High Temperature Force Sensor Model 1050C

1050C22.5mV/N sensitivity, 0.22kN compression range, 1.52 M Cable, 10-32 tapped holes top and bottom, weighs 32 grams, operates -73 to +121°C


Recommended Accessories: 4110C, 4751, 6210, 6204

Compatible Cables: 6013A, 6019A


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