I/O Function Software APSW-API

The APSW-API is the I/O function routines for Vx Works, Windows and Linux. It is the programming interface with function routines for AcroPack modules/carriers.

The Acromag APSW-API is I/O Function Software and programming interface with the function routines for AcroPack modules and carriers. It is customisable for other operating systems.

Function Libraries for VxWorks Acromag’s software development tools greatly simplify the interface between AcroPack I/O boards and your application program. Libraries provide easy-to-use C function routines that quickly integrate with your application. The C functions are ready for use “as-is,” but they are also easily customised for your unique application. DLL Driver for Windows.

This package provides DLL driver level support for Acromag’s line of AcroPack products. AcroPack Windows Driver Software consists of low – level drivers and Windows Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) that facilitate the development of Windows applications accessing Acromag AcroPack I/O modules. The software includes kernel drivers and DLLs for both 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows.. Linux Libraries (download only from the Software tab).

Features of the I/O Function Software APSW-API includes:

  • Easy installation procedure
  • Help files with step-by-step instructions
  • Demonstration Program
  • Driver level support for desktop and embedded
  • Windows level programming environments


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