IP68 Inclination, Acceleration & Angular Rate Sensor

The MicroStrain MV5-AR is an industrial-grade sensor designed for measuring dynamic inclination, acceleration, and angular rate. It features a sophisticated Auto-Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) for accurate readings under various conditions, including vibrations and sudden motions.

The sensor is highly durable, with IP68/69K ingress protection, making it suitable for heavy-duty environments like construction and agriculture applications.

The HBK Microstrain MV5-AR is an IP68 Dynamic Inclination, Acceleration and Angular rate sensor for heavy duty industrial applications.

Firstly, the MV5-AR uses the power of a sophisticated Auto Adaptive Extended Kalman Filter (EKF).  This allows it to remove errors associated with vibration, sudden linear motions, and quake.  Therefore, resulting in a true reading of inclination under all conditions.

Secondly, the MV5-AR is a high performance sensor with solid state MEMS technology.  The 6 DOF gyro-stabilized inclinometer ensures accurate measurements even under movement.  Therefore, enhancing precision in various applications.

In addition, the compact and reinforced housing, along with its high IP rating, ensures durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions.


FEATURES AND BENEFITS IP68 Inclination, Acceleration & Angular Rate Sensor MV5-AR


The Sensor: High Performance Accelerometer (85 ug/Hz, ±20 g range); High performance 6 DOF Gyroscope (1000°/S); Altitude Accuracy ±0.2°; Altitude Resolution 0.05° and fully calibrated and temperature compensated -40° to +85°

  • Adjustable sampling rates up to 500Hz (100Hz default)
  • Triple power flexibility with 5V regulated; 12V + 24V unregulated vehicle bus
  • Single CAN command adjust to any mounting orientation
  • Compliant to strict automotive and off high test standards
  • PBT Thermoplastic, Reinforced, Hermetically Sealed
  • IP68/IP69K
  • Compact + Low Profile
  • 110.5 grams
  • J1939 or CAN open bus interface options


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