MIL STD Video Multiplexer

EON Instrumentation manufacture the VSAS .  It is a Video Selector Amplifier System and enables users at remote locations to view information from up to six different video sources.

It meets a range of Military Standards and is suitable for Defence Video applications.

EON Instrumentation’s VSAS is a MIL STD Video Multiplexer.  Firstly, is a dual 6-1 video multiplexer.  It accepts NTSC video information from up to six sources.  Each of the 6-1 multiplexers can select any of the six video sources independent of each other.

Secondly, the video output from each multiplexer is buffered and fed to an output connector.  Each of the outputs drive up to 150 Metres using standard 75 Ohm Coaxial cable.  These cables are then routed to remote locations.  They’re then connected to the video input connector or a control panel.

The control panel is available in two configurations.  One for a single monitor or one for a dual.  The single monitor control panel known as the VSM-CP is used in applications where two independent operators are in different locations.  They are both able to view video information from any for the six video sources (but must have control panel).

For more information on how it operates, please read the brochure.

Thirdly, it is suitable for Defence or Harsh Industrial applications as it meets a range of Military Standards.

Lastly, this model is part of the 30hz to 30Mhz Analog Video Switcher family.  They process composite RS170, NTSC, PAL, RS343; component VGA, RGB, SIU and other signals.  Also can select multiple inputs to multiple outputs.

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MIL STD Video Multiplexer

Model #Standard Signal In/OutStandard Signal Connector In/OutInputsOutputsUnique Features




Two 6 position remote switches



About EON Instrumentation

EON Instrumentation is a US Company.  They design and manufacture military qualified products for airborne, shipborne and ground vehicle platforms.  Products include Analog and High Definition Video Systems (splitters, converters, selectors, cameras, monitors and recorders); Interference Blankers, Rugged Power Supplies, Audio Amplifier Systems and System Engineering Programs.

VSM 102 Video Multiplexer