Mobile Computers

The RuggON range of Mobile Computers consists of Vehicle Mount Computers and a Mobile Data Terminal range.  They are compact in size and powerful in design.  Ideal for Military or harsh Industrial Applications such as shipping yards, on cranes, forklifts, cold rooms, fleet management and many more situations. The Vehicle Mount Computers are available in sizes 10.4” or 12.1”  and the Mobile Data Terminal is available in 7”.

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RuggON offers an innovative range of Mobile Computers for the Industry. The products range in sizes from 7″ to 12.1″ and consist of Vehicle Mount Computers and Mobile Data Terminals .  Designed for Military or Harsh Industrial Applications.  For more information click below or contact us.

General Features include:

  • Sunlight Readable Displays
  • Advanced Touch Technology
  • Large range of the latest Connectivity Options
  • Most models are IP65/IP66 Rated and meet a range of Military Standards
  • See information on the models below.
10.4 Inch Vehicle Mount Computer12.1 Inch Vehicle Mount ComputerMobile Data Terminal

10.4” Vehicle Mount Computer


12.1” Vehicle Mount Computer

Model: VX-601

7 Inch Mobile Data Terminal


7" Mobile Terminal Data11.6 Inch Rugged Display Monitor

7” Mobile Data Terminal

Model: MT7000

11.6” Rugged Monitor


RuggOTA Software

RuggOTA is the RuggON Software used to integrate your devices with your external software.  It provides a seamless integration and assists in the acceleration of your development plan.   Plus empower your solutions to a value add level by allowing configuration, maintenance and upgrade of your devices.

As an administrator you can choose which devices you want to upgrade.  Other users will be notified on the available updates.  They can decide whether they want to implement the updates or not.  RuggOTA over MQTT accelerates data transmission and provides power to monitor multiple devices turning data into real time insights.

RuggOTA supports security protocols and required security functions in hardware.  It is meticulous and safety architecture ensures security for user accounts, device connection and file protection.


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