Mobile Data Retransmission System

The Lumistar LS-96M-P1 Mobile Data Retransmission System receives, processes and records data.  It also functions as a re-transmission ground station.  This entire system is encased in one central, portable unit.  In addition, its design also specifically supports IRIG Flight Test Operations and is one of Lumistar’s most compact telemetry systems.  Data Recording and Playback option also available.

Lumistar’s LS-96M-P1 Mobile Data Retransmission System features:

The Mobile Data Retransmission System comes with the following features:

  • 4 dB Noise Figure at S band with up to 120 dB Dynamic Range
  • Data IF Bandwidth Resolution of 10 KHz o Over 40,000 IF Bandwidth Selections o Bandwidth Selections <50 KHz to >40 MHz
  • +10 dBm Operational, +29 dBm Non-Damage at Start-Up
  • Data Recording and Playback (Optional) o 64GB per data channel x three channels (18 hours at 8 Mbps per channel)
  • Spectral Displays (CH1 and CH2)
  • O-scope Displays (CH1, CH2 & COMBINED)
  • Bit Error Rate Reader (CH 1, CH2 & COMBINED for I&Q Channels)
  • Internal PCM Simulation and IF Modulator o Excellent for Loop Back Tests using Internally Generated Data Patterns or Frames
  • 70 MHz to RF Upconverter
  • User Programmable AGC outputs for Track Receiver Applications o Extremely Linear, High Sensitivity, +/- 5V
  • Thirty-two User Selectable Lowpass Filtered AM Outputs for Tracking
  • IRIG Time Code Reader / Generator Option
  • Used for Stamp of Ethernet Packets/Decom Data/Logging Receiver Performance
  • No OS o Control / Status over Ethernet, USB and RS-232
  • Small Size and Weight o 16.5” x 13.0” x 6.8” o Approx. 16 pounds o IP 67, ATA Specification 300, Military Standard C-4150J o BUOYANCY: Waterproof (lid closed) / Floats in Salt Water
  • AC or Optional Battery Operation o Up to 8 hour battery life w/ hot swap AC<>DC o 80 watts power dissipation (typical)
  • Auto-Boot to Last Saved Configuration on Power On Mode o No Operator Intervention Needed in this Mode o Enhances Remote Operability
  • Also Available in Dual Channel Modular or 1U Rack Mounted Configurations

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