Monitoring Bulk Plant sites DS200

Integrated into our Partner’s bulk terminal monitoring system is a feature packed surveillance system.

This product uses existing Ethernet, Wi-Fi connector or mobile gateway to seamlessly create a local network to communicate to any downstream LevelCon devices. Monitor virtually any number of stationary tanks or silos via the Wi-Fi sensor node and incorporate high resolution IP cameras to provide total asset protection.

Typical applications for this product include:

• Remote Site Security: 24/7 video surveillance with optional 4G LTE mobile radio support. Local internet connectivity is not required

• Large Facility monitoring: scalable installation allows for any size facility

• Customisable event marking: mark video clips of motion, unauthorised filling, tank overflow and fuel/fluid spillage

The LevelCon DS200 provides surveillance and security for Business Facilities and Bulk Plant Sites.

Firstly, install the bulk terminal monitoring system which also includes a fully integrated surveillance system. Not only can the DS200 monitor switches, analog sensors such as tank levels and motion detectors.

It also incorporates a fully functional digital video recording system with web based interface. This allows you to integrate any wired or wireless IP camera and connect to the LevelCon security system. All cameras can be accessed remotely from smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Once installed the security system can be set to be motion activated or record if a triggering event occurs.

Finally, for more information, contact us.

Other features of the Surveillance and security of Business Facilities and Bulk Plant sites DS200 include:

  • Motion Detection
  • Custom Event Video Triggers
  • SSD Storage
  • RS232/RS485/UART Modbus Support Option
  • 4G LTE Support Option
  • n 802.11b/g/n WiFi
  • 24/7 Access to Data on LevelCon Cloud


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