Multiport Ethernet Switches with PTP Synchronisation

DS-LAN refers to high-speed, multiport Ethernet switches designed with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) synchronisation support.  Designed specifically for use with Dewesoft data acquisition systems.

These switches are engineered to facilitate rapid data transfers and offer a convenient solution for interconnecting multiple data acquisition (DAQ) devices.

DS-LAN are multiport ethernet switches with PTP synchronisation and Power over Ethernet (PoE – compliant with 802.3at, 802.3bt).  The Switches enable a simple connection to Dewesoft Data Acquisition Devices.  Achieved by one cable to power, connect and synchronise devices such as SIRIUS XHS, SIRIUS XHS-PWR and OBSIDIAN etc.

Features of the DS-LAN Multiport Ethernet Switches with PTP Synchronisation include:

FAST DATA TRANSFERS: Network switches offer a range of transfer speeds, from 100 Mbit up to 10 Gbit, allowing you to select the speed that best suits your needs, including options such as 100 Mbit, 1 Gbit, 2.5 Gbit, 5 Gbit, and 10 Gbit.

CONNECT UP TO 12 DEVICES: The DS-18xLAN model offers 12 x 2.5 GbE ports on the front panel with various connector options. Additionally, on the back panel, there are four 2.5 GbE interfaces and two SFP 10 GbE ports.

PTP SYNCHRONISATION: Synchronises all data from multiple DAQ devices using PTP time synchronisation.

PASSIVE PoE: Optional Power over Ethernet feature (passive PoE) allowing power for up to 12 devices.

RJ45 or LEMO CONNECTORS: Choose between cost effective RJ45 Connectors or durable Lemo Connectors.

FIBRE OPTIC COMMUNICATION: The SFP ports located at the rear of the device facilitate fibre optic communication, allowing for extended reach or operation in environments with severe electromagnetic interference (EMC) challenges.

DS-LAN CHASSIS FOR EASY MOUNTING: DS-LAN chassis is compatible with SIRIUS modular form factor.  Enabling easy mounting with family product line or existing mounting accessories.


Various models of DS-LAN are offered to meet different needs. The DS-18xLAN model can power up to 12 Dewesoft Data Acquisition Devices, while the DS-6xLAN model can support up to 4 devices. These switches provide a high-speed connection of up to 10 Gbps, ensuring sufficient bandwidth for configurations with many channels and higher sampling rates (up to 15MS/s).

To learn more about the technical specifications of the different models, click here.



The DS-LAN network switches can be used for various applications such as:

COMPOSE LARGER DAQ SYSTEMS: allows the expansion of the channel count to hundreds or thousands of I/O Channels.

DISTRIBUTE DAQ DEVICES: Solve long distances between the structure and measurement systems.  Especially when the control room is far away from the test bench.




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