USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 1553 & ARINC

The USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 1553 & ARINC is the industry’s first Multi-channel MIL-STD-1553 and/or ARINC-429 appliance.  It comes with 1-2 1553 dual redundant channels and/or 8 ARINC-429 Channels (4 RX/TX and 4 RX).  It also supports ARINC-717 (shared with 429 channels).

The USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 1553 & ARINC can realise full bandwidth applications.  It also has dual (BC/BM or mRT/BM) or full function (BC/mRT/BM) 1553 channels with O-scope signal capture on the first 1553 channel or first 2 ARINC channels.  It also provides amazing performance and capability.  This is in part thanks to Alta’s advanced SDK and AltaAPI.  As a result of these two features application integration is easy.  To top things off NI LabVIEW and Windows are included.  Furthermore, the optional AltaView Windows analyser provides the most advanced, and intuitive GUI interface on the market.

Finally native USB 3.0 SuperSpeed is recommended for all applications.  This is because other windows applications affect throughput performance. TBOLT, ENETs or interface cards are also recommended for moderate to fast bus applications.

Key features of the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed 1553 & ARINC include:

  • 1-2 dual redundant independent 1553 busses (variable voltage optional) and /or 8 ARINC CHANNELS: 4 RX/TX & 4 RX
  • FIRST USB 3 1553/ARINC device.  Backward compatible to USB 2 (although speed throughput is greatly reduced)
  • USB 3.0 5V @ 3A. IDLE 3.6W. 100% load 10W. USB 2.0 connections must provide full power.
  • Signal 0-scope on first 1553 channel and first 2 ARINC RX channels
  • 6 SE avionics discretes, one RS-485 discrete, TTL clock, triggers, IRIG-B or PAM RX
  • TEMP (C): 0-70 operating; -55 TO +120 storage
  • 6ft Micro USB 3.0 Type B to USB Type A (standard host USB cable) provided.
  • Optional J1 1553/ARINC Cable Assemblies
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