Pacific Instruments reliable Rugged DAQ Systems

Pacific Instruments specialise in the delivery of powerful, reliable and rugged data acquisition systems.

Their products are used in applications such as

  • Rocket or Turbine Engine Test Stands
  • Small, Large, Static and Dynamic Wind Tunnels
  • Aerospace, Civil And Seismic Structural Testing
  • Explosive, Artillery and Shock Energetic Testing

Metromatics proudly supply and support their product in Australia and New Zealand.

Pacific Instruments reliable Rugged DAQ Systems

Pacific Instruments manufacture reliable Rugged DAQ Systems.

Major aerospace and vehicle companies, government-funded research agencies and the Defence use these systems to measure, store and analyse information and results from research and development projects.

Pacific Instruments’ advanced computer technology enables these companies to efficiently solve real-world problems.   Areas such as passenger safety, earthquake building design and survivability, explosives technology and containment, aircraft engine and airfoil design and general scientific research.

Listed below are Pacific Instrument’s range of Data Acquisition Systems.

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Ruggedised Ethernet Data Acquisition Systemsrugged daq systems - Transient Recorderrugged daq systems - Signal Conditioning Amplifiers

Ruggedised Ethernet DAQ Systems

Transient Recorders

Signal Conditioning Amplifiers

  • High Accuracy, High Gain Signal Conditioning
  • High Resolution 24-Bit A/D
  • Real Time Temperature Compensated
  • Ruggedised for Harsh Environments
  • Turnkey and API Software
  • High Bandwidth Bridge / IEPE Signal Conditioning
  • High Speed A/D up to 10 MS/s
  • Harsh Environment or Laboratory Enclosures
  • Turnkey Software
  • High Performance Conditioning
  • Static & Dynamic Strain, RTD, Charge, IEPE Instrumentation Amp
  • 300V Common Mode Rejection
  • Buffered Analog Outputs to External A/D
  • Turnkey & API Software
rugged daq system - turnkey data acquisition systemsrugged daq systems - Data Acquisition System Conditioning & Control

Turnkey DAQ Systems

Data Acquisition Systems Conditioning and Control

  • Laboratory or Portable Applications
  • 8-32 Channel Systems for Voltage, IEPE & Strain
  • 32-128 Channel Thermocouple Systems
  • Turnkey Software
  • Completely modular – 2 to 10,000 + Channels
  • High Performance Conditioning and Integrated A/D
  • Digital I/O & DSP for Control
  • Single or Distributed Systems
  • Turnkey & API Software


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