PCI Express Bus Carrier Card APCe8650

The APCe8650 non intelligent PCIe carrier card that interfaces four IP (Industry Pack) to a PCI Express bus on a PC based computer system. The four IP module slots offers the ability to mix a variety of I/O functions on a single board or combine modules of the same type for hundreds of channels on a single card.

Whatever your choice, the APCe8650 saves card slots and reduces your costs.

The Acromag APCe8650 is a non-intelligent PCI Express Bus carrier card.

Firstly, the APCe8650 card is a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) bus card. It is a carrier for the Industrial I/O (IP) mezzanine board field I/O modules. It provides a very modular approach to system assembly. This is because each carrier can be populated with any combination of analog input / output, digital input / output, communication and other IP modules. Therefore, the user can create a board which is customised to the application.

You can select I/O modules from Acromag’s offering of over more than 40 different models or use third party ANSI/VITA 4 compliant IP modules.The single carrier board populated with IP modules, may replace several dedicated function PCI or PCIe bus boards. It therefore, provides impressive functionality at a low cost.

Features of the Non-Intelligent PCI Express Bus Carrier Card APCe8650 include:

  • Four IP module slots (ANSI/VITA 4 mezzanine)
  • Support any combination of I/O functions
  • Board resides in memory space
  • Supports IP module I/O, ID, INT, and MEM spaces
  • Plug-and-play carrier configuration and interrupt (MSI and INTA#) support
  • Two interrupt channels per IP module
  • Supervisory circuit reset generation
  • Individually filtered and fused power
  • Full IP module register and data access for convenient configuration or control of the I/O modules through software
  • Software development tools for VxWorks, Linux, and Windows environments


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