PCIe Carrier Card for XMC APCe8775

APCe8775 is a PCIe bus adaptor board.  That allows a PC (PCIe bus master) to control and communicate with the hosted XMC module.  It is ¾ length, non-intelligent carrier card which contains one XMC mezzanine module slot with 8 x PCIe interfaces.

Acromag’s APCe8775 is a PCIe Carrier Card that interfaces to a XMC mezzanine module to a PCI Express bus in a PC computer system.  Firstly, it acts as an adaptor.  This is to route signals between the system’s PCIe bus and XMC module connector.

Secondly, I/O signals are accessible via rear connectors and through the front mounting bracket.  To simplify wiring, Acromag offer cables to connect the carrier’s rear I/O signals to other carrier cards in adjacent slots.  As well as other cables to connect the carrier’s rear I/o to a front panel connector in an adjacent slot.

Thirdly, there is the choice to select XMC modules from Acromag’s high performance FPGA and I/O Solutions.  Or you can use other supplier’s ANSI/VITA 42 compliant mezzanine modules.

Features of the PCIe Carrier Card for XMC APCe8775 include:

  • One XMC module slot
  • 8-lane PCI Express interface
  • Two cooling fans
  • Supports high-speed serial interface between neighbouring cards using protocols such as XAUI or Aurora
  • Routes 20 high speed signals and 38 additional differential pairs from the XMC Q Pairs® connectors
  • Routes 32 differential pairs to SCSI-3 rear connector for LVDS I/O from the XMC module
  • JTAG programming connector supports Xilinx programmer for use with hosted FPGA modules
  • Auxiliary power connection for 12V source


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