PI660 Test Measurement Software

The Pacific Instruments PI660 Test Measurement Software is a turnkey application that runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. Pre-test operations include: system setup, test definition & tracking & system & transducer calibration. Real-time features also include: display and acquisition & data distribution to display clients. Additional post-test functions include: data replay, plotting and export to 3rd party formats for analysis. Finally, by choosing PI660 systems are able to save time on setup.  As a result, users can focus on testing instead of writing software.

In addition to the above, the PI660 Test Measurement Software also has an application programmer’s interface (API). The API encapsulates the real time core of PI660 and allows the user/programmer to integrate series 6000 hardware into their own software without starting from the low level. Furthermore, the PI660 API are usable with any software or development tools that can call a DLL.  Using the DLL approach to custom software development allows the facility to easily stay up to date with any future hardware or software updates to the Series 6000 System.

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