Pinch Force Sensor – LMD300

For Medical & Automotive Applications, the LMD300 is a pinch force sensor solution. Made from one piece of lightweight aluminium, this slim design provides a great measurement system with impressive tolerances.

Like the entire load cell product line, this product uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

The FUTEK LMD300 Series is a Pinch Force Sensor Solution.

Firstly, it is a handheld measurement system with tolerances for Medical Applications. It is made from lightweight aluminium and is easy to install. Plus, like FUTEK’s other Load Cell product lines it uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

However, this product is also used by the Automotive Industry for Power Windows Pinch Test. It is used to determine whether power operated windows and sunroofs meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.  For more information, contact us.

Other outstanding features include:

  • Ideal for Automotive Power Windows Pinch Test and Medical applications
  • Load direction is compression
  • Weighs 14-19 grams
  • Slim Design
  • Strain Gauge Based


LMD300 Pinch Force Sensor


Load CapacityOuter Diameter in cmHeight in cmLength in cmWidth in cmConnection Type

Weight in grams


222.411N1.40 cm1.24 cm3.91 cm1.40 cmCable

19.50 g


222.411N1.40 cm1.24 cm3.91 cm1.40 cmConnector14.17 g
QSH01146222.411N1.40 cm1.24 cm3.91 cm1.40 cmCable

19.50 g


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