Portable Data Acquisition System R8DB

The SIRIUS® R8DB is a portable, multi-channel Data Acquisition System with up to 128 analog input channels, built in data logger, high resolution touch screen and internal batteries for maximum portability.

With such a large channel count, high end signal conditioning amplifiers with the latest ADC technologies configured into a single compact, rugged main frame chassis, long battery time – this is the reason why it is used in the most demanding in the field test and measurement applications.

Successfully installed in test beds, rocket launch platforms, proving ground vehicles and maritime applications.

If you need a rugged, reliable, high channel count, all in one Data Acquisition System that needs to go where you go, the SIRIUS® R8D8 is the right one for your application.

The Dewesoft SIRIUS® R8DB is a portable Data Acquisition System.

Firstly, the system features a powerful built in processing computer with reliable SSD storage and a suite of modern connection interfaces.  In addition, the high-end signal conditioning amplifiers are suitable for almost every sensor and signal.  All supported with DewesoftX, the industry leader in data acquisition software which is included for free.

Other features which set this model apart from the traditional SIRIUS® R8, is that it is an All-in-One Instrument.  Therefore, it also includes SSD data logging capabilities, a 17” HD Touch Screen and Internal Li-Ion batteries to provide true portability.

This product can be configured with up to:

  • 128 analog input channels
  • 192 digital input channels
  • 64 counter/encoder channels
  • 72 CAN bus input channels
  • 64 analog out channels

It is one of the compact data acquisition systems on the market, due to its high number of input channels.

Key features of SIRIUS®R8DB Portable Data Acquisition System include:

HIGH END SIGNAL CONDITIONING: Built around SIRIUS DAQ technology. Therefore, features the same versatile and power amplifiers for world leading signal conditioning.  Refer to SIRIUS Modular DAQ Page for detailed technology overview.

UP TO 64 ANALOG OUTPUTS: Configured with up to 64 Analog Outputs.  In addition, it can be used as a multi-channel function generator, analog replay or control device with an output voltage signal of ±10V.

ALL IN ONE TEST INSTRUMENT: High channel count, standalone DAQ system with built in powerful data processing computer, SSD data logging capabilities.  As well as touch screen LCD display (R8D and R8DB) and internal Li-Ion batteries (R8B/R8DB) providing maximum portability.

ETHERCAT EXPANSION PORT: Includes EtherCAT master port with built in synchronisation.  Therefore, provides easy connection and extension of any of Dewesoft’s EtherCAT based DAQ Systems.  For example KRYPTON, IOLITE or SIRIUSe.

128 ANALOG INPUTS: Can be configured with up to 128 high dynamic analog input channels.  Select between signal conditioning amplifiers.  Such as voltage, current, IEPE, charge, strain, LVDT, thermocouple, RTD and resistance signals.

CONNECTIVITY INTERFACES:  The built in computer includes modern connectivity interfaces.  Such as Wireless LAN (WiFi), dual gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, GPS/GNSS, HDMI, EtherCAT and synchronisation is available.

64 COUNTER CHANNELS: Configure your system with up to 64 counter/encoder/tach input channels.  Or how about 192 digital input channels.  All counter inputs feature Dewesoft’s patented SuperCounter® technology.  Therefore, providing the best resolution for angle and speed measurement.

100 Hz GPS with RTK: For precise GPS positioning, integrate an optional 10Hz or 100Hz GNSS receiver directly into the R8D8. Also, GNSS receivers offer optional RTK support to improve positioning accuracy down to 1cm.

UP TO 27 ISOLATED CAN PORTS: The SIRIUS R8DB System is configurable with up to 27 high speed CAN 2.0b channels.  CAN channels feature 1 Mbit/s data throughput.  Additional support for CCP, OBDII, J1939 and CAN Output.

HOT SWAPPABLE BATTERIES: Four hot swappable 14.4V Li-Ion Batteries come with this model.  Don’t risk losing data when out in the field.  Simply swap in and out.


All Dewesoft DAQ Systems come with award winning DewesoftX data acquisition software.  Easy to use and amazing functionality.  Software updates are free forever.  No hidden costs.

Therefore, to learn more about the Dewesoft SIRIUS® R8DB, click more information.  Otherwise contact us, we would love to chat to you about this great product.

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