Power Analyzer for Electrical Measurements

The Dewesoft Power Analyzer is a flexible hardware platform combined with powerful software. It allows testing possibilities for any kind of power analysis calculations and electrical and mechanical measurements.

Metromatics proudly offers sales, service and support the Power Analyzer to our Customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The Dewesoft Power Analyzer is for power analysis, mechanical and electrical measurements. It is a combination of multiple products into a single device! Products such as a Power Analyzer, Combustion Analyzer, Oscilloscope, RAW Data Logger, Spectrum Analyzer and CAN Logger. It enables synchronisation of all types of data. This includes electrical data, mechanical data, vehicle bus data, video and positioning data etc.

Data is stored in one system and in one data file format. The Dewesoft Power Analyzer offers live, on-line and real time power calculations at 1MS sampling rate. You can have any number and type of input channels. Such as Voltage, Current, IEPE/ICP, Strain, Thermocouple, RTD and CAN – the choice is yours!

Power Analyzer Inputs

The System can be a portable measurement system. With SSD Storage, fast CPU Processor, Integrated Display and Batteries for stand alone use.

All these features provide a comprehensive power analysis system within one measurement device. No more issues with data synchronisation, visualisation, storage or comparison. Your problems are solved with the Dewesoft Power Analyzers.

Learn more by watching the video below!

Main Features of the Dewesoft Power Analyzer for Electrical Measurements include

Power Calculations – Firstly, it calculates over 100 power parameters (P, Q, S, PF, Cos Phi etc.). Also it has full raw data recording capabilities, oscilloscope, FFT & harmonics.

Plug and Play Capability – hardware and sensor auto detection.

High Sampling Rate – Dewesoft Hardware features amplifiers with 1 MS per second sampling rate.

Fully Isolated – Secondly, Isolation Channel to Ground, Channel to Channel and even isolated Sensor Excitation. Less noise, no ground loops, the best signal quality!

High Accuracy Amplifiers & Sensors – Thirdly, with voltage and current measurement with accuracy to 0.03%

1600 V DC/CAT II 1000 V/CAT III 600V – Direct Input and Acquisition of High Voltage Signals

High Accuracy Current Sensors – Such as zero flux current transducers, AC/DC Current Clamps, Rogowsky Coils and Shunts with the power supply out of the box

Up to 64 Analog Channels in one Instrument – A Single Chassis Data Acquisition System can have up to 64 channels. Also for a higher channel count join multiple instruments together

Measure Different Signals – Such as IEPE, Thermocouples, Digital, Counter, GPS, CAN, XCP, FlexRay, Video etc. all fully synchronised.

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