Power Quality Analyzer and Meter

The Dewesoft Power Quality Analyzer is a flexible hardware platform combined with powerful software. It measures all power quality parameters according to IEC 61000-4-30 Class A.  Compared to other systems on the market, it provides more detailed power quality analysis including raw data storing, behaviours at faults and calculations of additional parameters and more.

Metromatics proudly offers sales, service and support the Power Quality Analyzer and Meter to our Customers in Australia and New Zealand.

The Dewesoft Power Quality Analyzer and Meter is a flexible DAQ solution.  Firstly, it combines power and energy loggers as well as several measurement instruments into a single device.  This has several advantages for the measurement process. Including Data synchronisation, raw data logging, easy to use intuitive software for all measurement and analysis tasks at a low cost and to IEC 61000-4-30 Class A Standard.

Secondly, different power quality parameters describe a deviation of voltage from its ideal sinusoidal waveform at certain frequencies.  Deviations can lead to disturbances, outages or damages of electrical equipment connected to the grid.  Therefore, the main parameters that power quality focuses on are harmonics, unbalance in electrical systems, flicker, voltage changes and peaks, transient recording and frequency behaviour.

So, it is important to permanently track these parameters.  Ideally, starting from the development phase of the electrical equipment and up until live operation and beyond.  Continuous monitoring of several areas of the electrical grid will assist with prevention of major faults and correct quality disturbances.

These systems can assist the analysis of a range of energy sources: Wind Power, Solar (Photovoltaic), Fuel Cells, Biomass, Geothermal power, Hydro Power and Conventional Power Plants.

The Dewesoft power quality analyser is a vital piece of equipment.  In this single device it measures:

  • Harmonics and THD up to 150 kHz
  • Interharmonics & higher frequencies
  • Flicker, Flicker Emissions, RVCs
  • FFT, Harmonic FFT, Water FFT
  • Symmetrical Components


Main Features of the Dewesoft Power Quality Analyzer and Meter include


Up to 150 kHz Harmonics – Firstly, all measurements are according to IEC-61000-4-7 standards.  It measures and analyses harmonics for voltage, current and total harmonic distortion (THD) with frequencies up to 150 kHz.

Higher Frequencies & Inter harmonics – Higher frequency elements are grouped in 200Hz bands up to 150 kHz.

Also Real Time Visuals – Visual displays are available for FFT, Harmonic FFT, Waterfall FFT with real time visual feedback making this solution amazing.

Advanced online and offline maths processing – The Dewesoft X Data Acquisition Software provides a superior, easy to use mathematics engine.  Applied in real time during measurement or added post processing.

High Accuracy Amplifiers & Sensors – Thirdly, with voltage and current measurement with accuracy to 0.03%

High Channel Count Solutions – The choice is yours! DAQ System configurations available with thousands of channels using network configuration.  As well as more compact portable power quality analysers for field use.

THD Calculations – THD also known as overall harmonic content.  Voltage and current is calculated up to 3000th order.

Flicker, Flicker Emissions & RVCs – Automatic flicker and flicker emission parameters calculated according to IEC standards.

High Speed Raw Data Storing – Dewesoft Hardware and Software provide a strong engine with a continuous stream rate of more than 500MB per second.  Offline post processing functions completed.

No Hidden Costs for Software Licensing – As always with any Dewesoft Product.  Software Licensing is brilliant and has no renewal or upgrade fees.  Upgrades for Dewesoft X DAQ Software are FREE forever.  No additional license required to view or analyse the data.  Once the data file is stored, it can be reviewed and analysed on an unlimited amount of computers without additional software licenses.


Finally, click below to be taken to the Dewesoft Power Quality Meter page.  More detailed information is provided.  Otherwise contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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