Profibus-DP GSD Software Files

The Profibus-DP GSD Software Files provide the device a data base file that identifies a Profibus device. Generally all Profibus devices (Masters and slaves) have their own GSD files.

Use of the GSD file by a Profibus configuration tool permits plug and play interoperability among different devices from different manufacturers.

The Acromag Profibus-DP GSD Software files provides the ability to plug and play your device amongst different devices from different manufacturers.

Firstly, Profibus-DP networks have several advantages. They are fast with up to 12Mbps without fibre optic and ideal for transmitting analog or discrete data. I/O devices are easy to install and maintain. They are configured using network management software provided by supplier or master controller. Secondly, the GSD file is an electronic device data sheet or database file that identifies the Profibus device. It is the fundamental building block for the master parameter record.

In most cases, the file does not reside on the device but usually a separate disk or drive. It is an ASCII text file that contains specific device data. For example such as the supplier’s identification information supported baud rates message length number of input/output data meaning of diagnostic messages timing information data formats available I/O signals.

For modular Profibus systems, a GSD file contains several configurations with one for each I/O module. These are found at start up.

Finally, for more information on the Profibus-DP GSD Software Files, contact us. or download from here.


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Profibus GSD Software