Quad Isolated Serial Communication Module AP513

The AP513 Series is an AcroPack® Module that provides a four isolated RS232 Serial Ports from a single AcroPack Carrier slot offering a high density solution. It has a PCIe Bus Interface with extended temperature range.

Ideally used in Automation, Defence, Aerospace and Research Labs.

The Acromag AP513 Series is a Quad Isolated Serial Communication Module and enables efficient data processing through the four RS232 Serial ports.

Firstly, the AP513 Series is based on the Acromag AcroPack® product line, which has a PCIe interface format. AcroPack® offers products in a compact size, at a low cost with the same functionality and memory map of existing Industry Pack Modules in a rugged form factor. Also they are RoHS compliant.

Secondly, to conduct more efficient data processing, each serial port has a 256-character FIFO buffers on the transmit and receive lines. The data ports generate individually controlled transmit, receive, line status and data set interrupts. All interrupts read from a single register. Software-configuration helps you quickly set baud rates, character-sizes, stop bits, and parity. RTS/CTS handshake support for modem control is also included.

Finally, the AP513 modules are 70mm long and only 19.05mm longer than a full length mini PCIe card. It contains a down facing connector which internally routes I/O signals through the carrier card to secure field connectors. Therefore, eliminating loose cables and increasing reliability.

Features of Quad Isolated Serial Communication Module AP513 includes:

  • Four isolated RS232 serial ports
  • Each port isolated (250V) from digital circuitry and (100V) from the other 3 ports
  • Internal isolated power created on-board
  • 256-byte TX and RX FIFOs with programmable triggers for improved system performance
  • Programmable baud rate (up to 1Mbps) on each channel with fractional divisors
  • As well as interrupt support with individually controlled transmit, receive, line status, and data set interrupts
  • Each channel provides handshake support (RTS, CTS) to simplify interfacing with modems
  • Also a general purpose 16-bit timer/counter with internal 125MHz clock supporting single-shot, re-trigger, and interrupts
  • Line-break and false start-bit detection



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