Rackmountable Signal Conditioner 4120

Model 4120 is a 19 inch, rackmountable, line powered current source power unit designed to power up to 6 channels of IEPE sensors and in line charge amplifiers.

The Dytran 4120 is a rackmountable signal conditioner unit.

Firstly, the front panel contains 6 BNC output jacks for monitoring the sensor signals. It contains a regulated DC power supply. Also constant current circuits which supply constant current DC power to 6 sensor channels. These can be individually adjusted to provide from 2 to 20mA of drive current power per channel.

Secondly, provision provided for external +24 VC batteries or DC power packs where AC power is not available. The rotary selector switch on the front panel allows monitoring of the DC bias volage of each sensor. Ideal for system checks. Model E4120 is the 230VAC version.

Features include:

  • Line powered
  • Rackmountable 19”
  • Current source power unit
  • 6 channels of IEPE sensors and inline charge amplifiers


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Rackmountable Signal Conditioner 4120

4120Line powered, 6 channel rack, adjustable current


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