Rechargeable Battery Powered Telemetry System

ATI’s Rechargeable Telemetry system offers extra performance and features whilst providing solutions to common shaft mounted obstacles. It provides a high quality data stream but battery power provides lower noise floors, more versatile installations along with no active power generation or tuning.

ATI’s 2100R Series is a rechargeable battery powered telemetry system.

Firstly, it is used for numerous applications such as: automotive, aviation & aerospace, heavy equipment, marine, defence and petroleum industries to obtain real time torque measurements.

The 2140R Series Telemetry Transmitters feature a contoured profile, which reduces radial and axial clearances required for installation. Transmitters are available for any type of measurement.

Secondly, manufactured from fiberglass composites, the 2110RB Telemetry Collars can be used to house the transmitter and battery for easy installation. Single or multi-piece collars mount to the rotating part and transmit the signal to a stationary receiver. The 2140R Miniature Strain Gage Transmitter can be connected directly to strain gages adhered to a shaft, converting it into a torque sensor. Since the system is wireless, it can transmit shaft torque while the shaft is turning. Often used as a testing tool by automotive and racing engineers to obtain real-time torque measurements from vehicle drivelines, the system can be installed on most any size shaft and is completely field installable by the end user.

Thirdly, a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack supplies power for about 25 hours of continuous run-time to the transmitter. The system comes with a spare battery pack and charger so that power is always available. The Model 2125B Receiver features a programmable, multi-function, digital backlit display. Transmitter mode (On/Sleep/Off) and remote calibration (+/-) are selected from a menu based display. The receiver can be powered directly from 12 VDC or with a 110/220 VAC 50/60Hz adapter and provides an analog output for use with any data acquisition system.

Rechargeable Battery Powered Systems are also available in a Band-On version.

Other features of the Rechargeable Battery Powered Telemetry System include:

  • Transmits torque measurement via digital telemetry link to stationary receiver
  • No shaft modifications are required
  • Tape modules to axle, drive, prop shaft or rotating equipment
  • Transmitter is potted in epoxy for extreme durability and contains a full metal shield around circuitry
  • As well as quick and easy user installation
  • True remote shunt calibration
  • Low power transmitter can operate over one year on single charge
  • Automatic low power standby mode conserves power whilst not in use turn key systems available
  • Multi Channel Systems available


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