Huntron Access RF Signal Measurement Prober

The Huntron Access RF system provides reliable and repeatable near field measurements of RF signals.

Access RF Highlights

  • Single head flying probe tester for capturing RF measurements on a stimulated CCA
  • Configured with a Huntron Access 2 Robotic Prober, Keysight 9935A spectrum analyser and Langer RF near field probes
  • Sized for medium to large PCAs
  • Exceptional accuracy for precise placement of a RF near field probe
  • Durable design for many years of service
  • Automate your RF measurements to save time and resources



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Huntron Access RF Signal Measurement Prober provides reliable and repeatable near field measurements of RF signals. The system integrates a Huntron Access 2 Prober, Keysight spectrum analyser and Langer RF near field probes under the control of Huntron Workstation. This combination delivers an automated method to place a “sniffer probe” precisely where it is needed.

RF Signal Measurement


A Typical Application

Firstly, single point measurements in RF circuits are dependent on the manual dexterity and interpretation of the operator. The position of the RF probes must be duplicated to achieve repeatable measurements. The Huntron Access RF Signal Measurement Prober eliminates errors in probe placement.  Therefore, the need for documentation that identifies the physical location of the probe points is not required. Hence, measuring points on your circuit board assembly (CCA).  The Huntron Access RF will provide a minimum 10:1 improvement over manual methods.

Therefore, testing with the Access RF system requires the CCA under test to be powered and in a functional state so measurements can be taken. The end user provides the PC, power supplies and control hardware based on their knowledge of the CCA.  They also require the measurements that need to be captured. As a result, the size of the Access RF provides plenty of space to allow for cabling and connections to be made to the CCA. The Prober has a base plate cover that can be removed to allow for easy access to the probing area from below.

Not intended for EMC/EMI pre-compliance testing.

Technical Specifications Huntron Access RF Signal Measurement Prober

Access RF Prober Specification Access 2
Number of Test Heads 1
Maximum Board Under Test Size 56cm x 58cm
Maximum Probing Area 46.2cm x 56.9cm
Maximum Board Component Height 10cm
Dimensions 91.44cm W x 39.88cm H x 73.66cm D
Accuracy and Resolution 0.0007874″ (±20 microns) at 0.0003937″ (10 microns) minimum
Frequency range (N9935A with N9935A-235 preamplifier using included probes) 100 kHz to 3 GHz
Speed Approx. 40 test points/minute at 1 measurement/point

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