Ring Style Airborne Accelerometer 3168D2

Series 3168D2 is a ring style IEPE piezoelectric accelerometer which uses a high stability quartz shear technology that is designed for commercial and military aircraft vibration monitoring.

Applications for this product include:

  • High frequency aircraft/airframe vibration measurements
  • Transmission Vibration Measurements
  • Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)

The Dytran 3168D2 Series is a ring Style Airborne IEPE Accelerometer.

Firstly, it features mechanical and electrical filters. These filters eliminate ultra high frequency energy which cause signal saturation. Common in high speed gear box applications and act as a barrier to zero shift phenomena in the data. The filters suppress the sensors own natural frequency to assure correct in band vibration measurements during all test applications. The case is isolated.  Preventing ground loops in the measurement system.

Secondly, it has sensitivity of 10 mV/g, frequency response of 1 to 10,000Hz (+3dB). The stainless steel case is hermetically sealed.  Providing reliable operation in high humidity and dirty environments. Thirdly, the integral Teflon cable terminates in twisted shielded pair flying leads. It is mounted via a 10-32 thru hole mounting screw. This allows the sensor to be rotated 360° so the cable to exit any convenient direction.

Other features include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • IEPE
  • Hermetic Case Isolated
  • 360° cable orientation
  • High frequency response
  • Mechanically & electrically filtered


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Ring Style Airborne Accelerometer 3168D2


3168D210 mV/g sensitivity, 500g range, 1 to 10,000 Hz frequency range (±5%), integral 1.52 metre cable, 8–32 thru hole mount, 42 grams,–55 to +121°C Operation


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