Rugged USB to Ethernet Converter ADV-301-USBE

This LRU Video Converter unit interfaces with USB connectors found on tablet or notebook computers and Ethernet Switches.  It has bi-directional conversion capabilities.

These proven video converter products are widely used in the Avionics and Ground applications.

EON Instrumentation’s ADV-301-USBE is a rugged USB to Ethernet Converter.  Firstly, its conversion capabilities are bi-directional.  Where it can handle 1G Ethernet speeds as well as USB 2.0/3.0

Secondly, the unit is charged by a 28VDC Input.  It also has a +5VDC auxiliary output to charge computer appliances.

Thirdly, it is a compact package with MIL-STD D38999 Connectors.  Therefore, making it the perfect fit for Avionic and Ground Applications.

It is fully qualified to MIL-STD 704, 461, 810 and DO-160.  This product showcases the strength of EON Instrumentation where products are custom built to meet the requirements of the customer.

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Rugged USB to Ethernet Converter ADV-301-USBE

Model #Standard Signal In/OutStandard Signal Connector In/OutInputsOutputsUnique Features
ADV-301-USBEN/AUSB/Ethernet11Single Channel