SDI to CVBS Video Converter & Splitters

These LRU Video Converter Models inputs one HDMI, DVI or DP Digital Video signal and converts and distributes to two or more outputs.  Each output is equalised to unity gain depending on the input signal level.

These proven video converter products are widely used in the Aerospace and Defence Industry.  The ADV-DPSDI-12 has been successfully installed on the Air Force C27 Multipurpose Aircraft.

EON Instrumentation’s ADV-DPSDI-12 are SDI to CVBS Video Converter & Splitters.  Firstly, all are qualified to environmental, MilSpec Power, Environmental and EMI requirements. It accepts up to 12GHz SDI video through a 75 ohm BNC connector.  It distributes the SDI to one SDI output and converts NTSC or PAL composite video to another output.

Secondly, the output analog signal (NTSC or PAL) is determined by the frame rate of the incoming video.  Plus each output is equality to unity gain with respect to the input signal level.

Thirdly, the LRU provides extended display interface (EDID) support.  Other configurations are available such as 1 SDI in; 1 SDI out and 2, 4 or 6 CVBS.

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SDI to CVBS Video Converter & Splitters

Model #Standard Signal In/OutStandard Signal Connector In/OutInputsOutputsUnique Features



About EON Instrumentation Video Distribution Architecture

Finally, EON Instrumentation’s Video Distribution Architecture products consist of a series of Gigabit Ethernet Managed Switches, Video Distribution and Encoder units.  Some Gigabit Ethernet Switches include NTSC splitters, encoders and many other features..  This enables to covert NTSC to H.264/265 and MPEG2 formats for ethernet distribution.