Signal Transmitter Software

Acromag has a range of signal transmitter software that operates with either a particular model or works with a variety of Signal Converters.

Most versions of the configuration software operate on a Windows® based platform and are downloadable – providing easy set up.


Acromag have a variety of Signal Transmitter Software available.  Firstly, the most popular software that works with a variety of Acromag DT, ST, TT Series Transmitters and SP, uBSP Series Signal Splitters is TTC-SIP Software.  Secondly, an USB Isolator is provided with this kit.  This is because isolation is generally recommended. It will block a potential ground loop between your PC and a grounded input, making it safer to operate. A CD ROM is provided which contains Windows Software used to program TT/DT/SP transmitters.

To find the most suitable software for your Signal Converter requirement, contact us.

Signal Transmitter Software Products

TTC Series Temperature Transmitter SoftwareIntelliPack Configuration Software 800C-SIPST13C-SIP ST130 Software Interface

TTC-SIP Software

800C-SIP: IntelliPack Configuration Software


Software Interface Package for Acromag DT, ST, TT Series Transmitters and SP, uBSP Series Signal Splitters.

Includes configuration software CD-ROM

USB Isolator

2 x USB Cables (4001-112 & 4001-113)

Easy set up and digital calibration via USB with Windows configuration software

Download the configuration software only from the software tab

Configuration Software

USB to RS-232 Adaptor

RS232-to-RJ11 Adaptor

Interface Cable

Configuration Software for ST130 Series Products

USB Isolator

Two USB Cables

One Kit Recommended per Customer

agility configuration software for mobile phones

Agility Config for Mobiles (Tethered)

Tethered Agility Config Tool is for Mobile Applications.  It operates with Acromag SP Series Signal Splitters and most TT Series Transmitters.

It is available on Google Play for Free or can be downloaded via Windows Configuration Software Tab






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