IntelliPack Configuration Software 800C-SIP

Acromag’s configuration software is the key to the IntelliPack’s easy to use operation. The software employs the friendly Windows® interface with pull down selection menus and fill in the blank fields to send you through a few brief configuration screens.

No programming required.

The Acromag 800C-SIP is the Acromag IntelliPack Configuration Software for Acromag’s Intellipack Signal Converters.

Firstly, the package comes with configuration software, USB to RS232 Adaptor, RS232 to RJ11 Adaptor and Interface Cable.

Secondly, the adaptor plugs into the serial or USB port of your computer. It provides an isolated interface between the software and PC. A cable with RJ11 phone style plugs at each end links the adaptor to IntelliPack’s Serial Port. The product it compatible with Windows® 7 or newer.

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