Software Interface for Ethernet I/O XT-SIP

The XT-SIP is the Software Interface Package for Acromag BusWorks XT Series Ethernet I/O Modules. The package includes easy set up and digital configuration via USB with Windows Configuration Software. Download Software only from Acromag’s Software Tab.

The Acromag XT-SIP is the Software Interface for Acromag’s Ethernet I/O Modules – BusWorks XT Series.

Firstly, the kit contains all the necessary elements for configurating XT network modules. A USB Isolator is recommend for USB port connections to these models. As it will block potential ground loops between your PC and grounded I/O signals.

Components for Software Interface for Ethernet I/O XT-SIP include: USB Signal Isolator USB A-B Cable 4001-112 USB A-mini B Cable 4001-113 Configuration Software CD ROM (XT Config) 5041-094 Single shielded category 5e STP ethernet crossover cable, green, 1.5M with drain wire and RJ45 plug at both ends.

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