Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor PMP410

The PMP410 is a Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor that is engineered to fit a wide variety of OEM pressure measurement applications.

Primary applications include those subjects to severe mechanical shock, vibration and electro magnetic interference.

The FUTEK PMP410 is a Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor for rugged OEM applications.

Firstly, it has a rugged design. Resistant to vibration, shock, electro magnetic interference and other extreme environmental conditions. It also contains a standard 4-20mA signal output. However, other outputs, process connections and electrical connections are available and are individually temperature compensated.

Secondly, it has no internal soft sealing materials. Therefore, it shouldn’t react with the media or deteriorate over time. It is also enhanced by the stainless steel welded measuring cell that protects it.

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Other outstanding features include:

  • OEM pressure sensor
  • ¼ NPT Male Threads
  • 4-20mA 2 Wire Output
  • Din Connector
  • 0.5% Accuracy


Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor PMP410


Pressure CapacityPressure TypeThread SizeOutput TypeWetted MaterialHeight in cm

Outer Diameter in cm


689.47 barGage¼ NPTmA


Stainless Steel8.23 cm

2.69 cm


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