Telemetry Simulators and Test Transmitters

Lumistar’s Telemetry Simulators and Test Transmitters are a range of simulators and transmitters used for complex PCM data and RF signals.  A portable data simulation and RF broadcasting system is also offered.xf

Telemetry Simulators and Test Transmitters

The Lumistar Telemetry Simulators and Test Transmitters features:

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The Lumistar LS-14-M RF Transmitter with FM, SOQPSK, & CPM Modulation allows for complex PCM data generated by the LS-70-S Dynamic Data Simulator to be output as an RF signal. The LS-14-M also comes in a mechanical housing the size of a computer drive bay.  As a result, it requires power from a standard Molex connectors.  It also has a serial connection to the LS-70 via a ribbon cable.  This is to allow for the output of the PCM data.  It also allows control and status of the board. Finally, the RF signal from the transmitter feed a three stage GaAs FET attenuator.  As a result, this allows users to rapidly change the RF signal strength with minimal added noise or phase distortion. The LS-14-M comes with one or two outputs.

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The LS-18 Multi-Path Telemetry Simulator outputs two channels of correlated RF signals.  It also allows users to change output level and frequency.  This creates the deep fades and rapid attenuation seen in flight test signals. Additionally, the Multi-path Telemetry Simulator uses an LS-70-S PCI card to generate a custom dynamic PCM format.  This can be changed in real time as well as PRN patterns (with errors).  It also allows the playback of archived telemetry.  Therefore allowing the PCM data stream to be changed in real time.

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The Lumistar LS-18-P1 is a portable telemetry data simulation & RF transmission test system.  It is a complete data simulation and RF broadcasting system in a small lightweight case.  This product is specifically designed to support IRIG flight test operations.

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