UPS 1D1000B30C

The 1D1000B30C Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides a high quality output of 115v 60hz 1@ 1000VA from an input of 115v 50/60hz.  In addition to this, the integral valve regulated lead acid battery supports output for 30 minutes if the input supply fails.

Rugged Enclosure

The UPS 1D1000B30C comes in a fabricated steel container and also deck mounts on a ‘U’-bar using the fixing holes provided.  A front hinged door provides maintenance access while louvers pressed outwards from the front, sides & rear provide fan assisted cooling during normal operation.  Natural convection operates when the Anti Condensation Heaters are on.

Electrical Connections

Electrical connections to and from the UPS occur on the top mounted removable gland plate.  The UPS also comes with an optional battery monitor that raises the alarm if a battery imbalance (due to a short circuit cell) occurs or if there is a hydrogen concentration of >1%.  Additionally, the high quality 115V 60hz output occurs by using a crystal controlled linear inverter with feedback loops.  These loops enable the control board to respond rapidly and smoothly to the demands of the output circuits. Closed loop operation reduces line and load regulation of the UPS output. Finally, the built in battery charger recharges depleted batteries to 80% charge in 8 hours.

Key Features of the UPS 1D1000B30C

  • Dimensions: (O/A)(hxwxd) mm 872 x 570 x 340
  • Weight: 150kg
  • IP23 Ingress Level Protection
  • Low fire hazard
  • Withstands shocks up to 12g
  • Meets shipboard vibration requirements
  • Withstands ship motion due to sea action, weather and accelerations and velocities from deliberate ship manoeuvres.
  • Input: 115 volts single phase 60Hz in accordance with STANAG 1008 Edition 8
  • Battery: Valve Regulated Sealed Lead Acid.
  • Output: 115V 1 phase, 60Hz, 1kVA unity power factor.
  • Fabricated mild steel enclosure folded and welded for strength. Deck mounted with top steadies. Lifting eyes are provided.

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