Vibration Shakers

Vibration Shakers along with Modal and Inertial Shakers come with integrated and easy to use amplifiers.  Dewesoft’s permanent magnet shakers are small, lightweight, and powerful with a high DUT capacity.  Perfect for modal and vibration testing.Metromatics supply, service and support the Dewesoft product range in Australia and New Zealand.

Permanent Magnet Shaker

The DYN-PM-20 and PM-100 magnet shakers include an integrated amplifier and sine wave signal generator. As a result, frequencies adjust from 1 Hz to 15,000Hz. Other advantages also include:

  • Lightweight, durable, portable and easy to use
  • Adjustable trunnion base provides a high degree of flexibility
  • Broad frequency range
  • Embedded power amplifier and signal generator for PM-20 and PM-100

Permanent magnet shakers are perfect for vibration and shock testing. For example, this includes:

  • Vibration testing of micro parts, assemblies, and electronics Modal testing
  • Shock testing
  • Sensor calibration
  • Separation and compacting of powders
  • Fatigue and resonance testing
  • Velocity transducer or high-speed actuator
  • Mechanical impedance measurement
  • Education and research

Modal Shakers

Dewesoft modal shakers test structural dynamics and are the only solution when measuring high-frequency excitation content or conducting signal-controlled testing. They are also lightweight yet powerful. For example, they can go up to 15,000Hz and provide force levels up to 440N with a maximum 25mm stroke.

Finally, modal shakers can cover a wide range of structures. This includes electronic boards, sub-components to machinery, vehicles and aircraft and constructions.

Inertial Shakers

In contrast to traditional shakers, Dewesoft inertial shakers easily mount and have great mobility. They can also be handheld, compact, lightweight, have superior low-frequency performance, are low friction bearing guided and can mount from any angle.

Thanks to ease of use and mobility, inertial shakers are great for testing car chassis, squeaks and rattle testing in cars, civil engineering prototype testing, building structures, floor loading resonances, ships’ flight decks, helicopters rotor simulation, submarines, geophysical surveys and vibration cancellation systems.

Shaker Amplifier Included

In addition to the above qualities, an amplifier also comes with all Dewesoft vibration shakers. As a result, shakers are very easy to use and run.

Perfect Data Acquisition Systems For Data Recording and Analysis

To top things off, high dynamic DAQ systems accompany Dewesoft vibration shakers. As a result, turning the vibration shakers into an all-in-one tool for vibration and testing and analysis. For example, systems include direct IEPE sensor inputs with 160dB dynamic range.

Furthermore, TEDS IEEE 1451.4 technology ensures that TEDS sensors automatically connect and configure. As a result setting up measurements is easy and fuss free.

Key Features of Vibration Shakers:

  • Lightweight, Durable and Portable: All Dewesoft vibration shakers are built with extreme care and quality. They are also very durable and portable. The inertial shakers are also mount easily and have great mobility.
  • Included Integrated Amplifier: Dewesoft vibration shakers and vibration exciters have integrated amplifiers. With this integrated amplifier, it is very easy to use the shaker. You only need to plug the electric cable and the shaker is ready to run. DS-MS-250 and DS-MS-440 come with a dedicated external amplifier.
  • Integrated Signal Generator: All shakers have integrated sine signal generators. This gives customers the option to try the test system or the shaker or make some simple test to understand structural behaviour.
  • Superior Low-Frequency Performance: Offering optimal force performance over a wide frequency range – the inertial shaker IS series spans from 10 to 3,000 Hz
  • Trunnion and Handles: All PM shakers have trunnion and handle allowing the shaker to be positioned in any orientation and position.
  • Integrated Screen: This feature can be used only with an integrated signal generator. It shows the frequency of the generated signal. By visualising generated signal frequency it is possible to set the shaker to a certain frequency from 1 Hz to 15 kHz and even can see the behaviour of the structure under excitation with a certain frequency.
  • Small Amplifier Box for Internal Shakers: All inertial shakers are using the same amplifier box. This box is also capable of generating sinus signals and can be used for 3rd party shakers as well. The small, all-in-one box can be customised to generate different signals like white or pink noise or different forms.

To learn more about the Dewesoft Vibration Shakers, click more information. Otherwise contact us, we would love to chat to you about this great product.

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