Wireless Propane Tank Level Sensor

Ideal for those selling propane and propane accessories. The Wireless propane tank level sensor is compatible with Sr & Jr R3D® Remote ready gauges. Easily installed within 15 minutes and remotely monitoring tank levels.

Wireless Propane Tank Level Sensor allows the user to set level limits. If levels fall, this sensor alerts designated personnel via text, e-mail or phone call.

Other reasons to install a propane level sensor:

1. Providers always know: The sensors eliminate time-consuming physical checks. Within seconds a tech can check levels via smartphone or PC.

2. Customers never run dry: Widely dispersed customers don’t need to worry about running out—a tremendous value-add for providers.

3. Streamline operations: Remote monitoring eliminates in-the-field checks, saving vehicle wear-and-tear and freeing personnel to address other needs.

4. Customer satisfaction: Switching to needs-based delivery minimizes interruptions and saves customers from re-initialisation fees.


WARNING: If you do not have dial that is R3D compatible. Do NOT attempt to change the dial yourself. Contact your propane supplier and ask them for a replacement dial that supports the R3D standard. The float gauge inside the thank does not need to be replaced, just the plastic dial that reports the propane level inside the tank


Wireless Propane Tank Level Sensor

Wireless Propane Level Tank Enclosed in a NEMA-rated housing to withstand ice, wind-driven dust, sleet, snow, and hose-directed water.




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