Wireless Sensor Networks

Metromatics delivers wireless sensor data acquisition systems, inertial sensors, micro-displacement sensors, and software for a wide range of custom and embedded applications

It is a simple solution – choose your wireless sensors, select your gateway, install or connect to your software, turn on, configure and start receiving real time reports and notifications on your sensor system.

Wireless Sensor Networks

Wireless Sensor Networks are also known as WSNs. WSN’s are a network of autonomous sensors that monitor the physical or environmental conditions.  Such as pressure, sound and temperature and send this data throughout the network to other locations.

Applications include: Structural Health Monitoring, Equipment Performance Monitoring, Verification, Evaluation and Diagnostics, Test & Measurement, System Control and Environmental Monitoring.

LORD Microstrain WSN allow simultaneous, high speed sensing and data acquisition from multiple strain gauges, accelerometers, temperature and millivolt inputs for a variety of applications and industries.

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Their WSN comprises of this structure:

Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Sensor Networks

Input Sensors

Wireless Nodes



Microstrain technology is used to convert wired sensors into Wireless networks with adaptable input nodes, including for all-in-one functionality

Microstrain wireless nodes are great addition to remote and embedded monitoring systems.  This is because the remove the need for wiring installation and maintenance.  Compatible with many sensors allowing businesses to configure their preferred network quickly and efficiently

Microstrain’s WSDA wireless gateways oversee, operate and schedule time aligned sampling of hundreds of nodes for each gateway.  Many end systems are compatible – including local computers.

MicroStrain offer a variety of software options for wireless sensor networks.  Options include SensorConnect, MIP Monitor, Node Commander and SensorCloud.  Click here for further options.




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