Wireless Sensor Nodes

LORD MicroStrain® wireless sensor nodes offer a streamlined solution for remote and embedded monitoring that eliminates the need to install or maintain wires.

There is a wide range of sensor types and packaging options.


LORDS Microstrain wireless sensor nodes support a wide range of sensor types and packaging options.  For example allows users to quickly configure their optimal network. Furthermore, low-power designs are coupled with internal batteries, and optional energy harvesters, for long-term application.

Firstly, the following types of models are available: Torque, Vibration, Voltage, Temperature, Strain, Shock, Pressure, Inclination, Load and Acceleration.

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Portfolio of Wireless Sensor Nodes

Rugged Wireless AccelerometerWireless Strain Analog Sensor V Link 200Wireless thermocouple voltage sensor TC LINK 200

Rugged Wireless Accelerometer


Wireless Strain Analogue Sensor


Wireless Thermocouple Voltage Sensor


Wireless RTD Resistance Sensor RTD Link 200OEM Embeddable Wireless AccelerometerSG LInk 200 OEM

Wireless RTD Resistance Sensor


OEM Embeddable Wireless Accelerometer


OEM Embeddable Wireless Strain Analog Sensor


Thermocouple OEM Sensor TC LINK 200 OEMWireless strain analog sensor SG LINK 200Battery Powered Wireless Accelerometer G LINK 200 R

OEM Embeddable Wireless Temperature Sensor


Rugged Wireless Strain Analog Sensor


Battery Powered Wireless Accelerometer



About LORDS Microstrain

LORDS Microstrain produce high speed, wireless products and gateways suitable for a range of industries.  Wireless Products include accelerometers, temperature sensors, strain gauges, voltage and torque sensors.


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