Measuring the Bite Force of a Shark

Shark Bite

FUTEK were recently involved in the Discovery Channels “Shark Week” which aired on TV in the US a couple of weeks ago.  This is about their involvement in assisting in measuring the Bite Force of a Shark.

Application Summary – Measuring the bite force of a Shark

Measuring the bite force of a shark was no easy task. But the engineers at Peacock Productions designed a test platform to accomplish this for Shark Week 2017. Their setup mounted several LTH500 donut load cells into a mold that simulated a shark’s prey. When the shark bit down upon the mold, our sensors captured the force applied. Watch On-Demand as this all unfolds.

Products in Use

Three LTH500 Donut/Through Hole Load Cells paired with a 4 Channel Summing Junction Box (IAC200) and a Digital Hand Held Display (IHH500)

How it Works

  1. Using several LTH500 Donut/Through Hole Load Cells, engineers were able to measure the applied force.
  2. This output was then summed with the IAC200 Summing Junction Box and sent to the IHH500 Digital Hand Held Display where the test engineers monitored and logged all resulting data.

Please note the image shown is for illustration purposes only. For further information, please contact us.

About FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is an innovative leader in the design and manufacture of sensors and test and measurement instruments. Firstly, the Sensor range that FUTEK specialises in includes: load cellstorque sensorspressure sensorsmulti-axis sensors, and related instruments and software

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