Spring Test System

Spring Test

This application note on Spring Test Systems was provided by our valued supplier FUTEK.

Application Summary

Spring test systems are ideal for high volume production testing, quality control inspection, and design engineering. In this automated spring testing system an S Beam load cell (LSB Series) is fixed onto the spring test column to measure the spring force in relation to its position.

Products Used

LSB Series load cell paired with Instrumentation (USB Solutions)

How it Works
  1. During R&D, the automated spring testing system can be configured to either compress or extend the spring under test.
  2. FUTEK’s LSB Series load cell is fixed onto the spring test column to measure spring compressive or tensile force when spring is compressed or elongated.
  3. These force measures can be streamed to a computer for analysis utilising FUTEK’s USB Solutions.
  4. Information can then be used to determine or verify stiffness of spring via Hooke’s Law.

Please note that the illustrations provided with this application note are purely conceptual only.

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