Three Phase AC Current Meter

Three Phase Current Meter 500 Amp

ALTA Industrial Wireless Three Phase AC Current Meter (500 Amp) Sensor.

Monnit recently introduced their ALTA Industrial Wireless Three Phase AC Current Meter (500 Amp) Sensor.  Firstly, it measures the RMS current of an alternating current AC system.  Secondly, this is achieved by using 3 current transformers that wrap around the wires of a three phase power system.

This wireless sensor reports minimum RMS current, maximum RMS current, average RMS current and duty cycle for each phase.  Plus, the combined amp hours of all three phases to the iMonnit System.  The iMonnit system is capable of generating watt hour or kilowatt hour readings.  Even based on user specified RMS Voltage.  Therefore, making it ideal for applications such as Current Monitoring, Current usage, Amperage Monitoring, Amp Hour Meter, Watts Hour Meter and Kilowatt Hour Meter.

Features of the ALTA Industrial Wireless Three Phase AC Current Meter Sensor include:

  • Measures Maximum RMS current, Minimum RMS current, Average RMS current, and duty cycle for each phase and combined amp hours from all three phases
  • 3 x 0-500 amp Current Transducers
  • Capable of generating watt hour or kilowatt hour readings using iMonnit
  • Configurable Accumulate mode for Amp Hours (When configured accumulated Amp Hours are saved and persist even through a power cycle)
  • Can notify based on instantaneous current levels

How it operates

To measure the current, clip the CT around a single wire of a powered system (clipping around a hot and neutral wire at the same time will result in 0 current readings). Once the sensor has powered on and is connected to the gateway it will begin taking measurements. These measurements are based on the averaging interval (5 seconds default). The sensor reports data to iMonnit.  Every heartbeat, even if the current goes outside of the aware thresholds set in iMonnit is captured and recorded.

The current transducer measures current without making physical contact with the wire itself.  Therefore, no CT  rewiring is needed.

In a scenario, where you may have to open the outer sheath of multi pair wire in order to access a single wire, there would be no need to open the jacket around any inner wires.

Simple and safe installation of current measurement hardware, no rewiring required.

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